Terms & Conditions


Parcel 1 Express is a wholly owned subsidiary of national Package, LLC.  By enrolling as a discount distributor independent contract agent, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


 1.)  The relationship between Parcel 1 Express and any individual, company, organization or Charity is that of an independent contractor.employee / employer relationship.  Agent is an independent contractor in regards to Parcel 1 Express, Parcel Partners and any company or entity that is signed up for any Parcel 1 Express services.


2.)  Commissions paid are based on any package shipped through the US Postal Service with postage purchased through Pitney Bowes, that is between 1.01 pounds and 30 pounds.


3.)  Your cell phone / company phone will be your account number for shipper enrollment and payment issuance


4.)  You may share your discount account code with anyone you choose.  All commissions due that are a reflection of your account number will be paid to you or your company directly via direct deposit.


5.)  Ant payment for commissions you may owe to the individuals or companies you engaged to distribute the discount and completely your responsibility for accounting and payments.


6.)  The term for your enrollment is for one year from the date of form submission.  


7.)  You will always act in a professional manner and any reports from shippers on unprofessional, non-business like activities will be grounds for termination of your relationship with Parcel 1 Express


8.)  You agree that any dispute concerning the relationship, commission amounts, termination of the agreement or other matters of disagreement will be settled by a 3 member board arbitration panel under the guidelines or the American Arbitration Association and each party is responsible for any legal or court costs incured by this filing

9.)  You are responsible for all the expenses incurred in promoting your business or this discount offering

10.)  You agree not to participate in any other postage discount affiliate program and if such activity is revealed this contract will become immediately canceled and any commissions due will be held in escrow for 90 days.


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